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Learning Ruby on Rails

So I set out to learn Ruby on Rails, and I thought it would be interesting to blog about my experiences. I’ve completed a couple of tutorials at this point which were just meant to get you used to the console and coding an app. I’ve used git and github in the past, but I haven’t had any major experience with it, so I was excited to start this new tutorial … Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl. Finally! Git and github (at least I thought) but nope turns out it’s using bitbucket in place of github. I haven’t used github a lot, but on the front end they seem pretty similar to me. With the exception of the private vs public repos.

Anyway, I got to the point of installing the SSH key and of course I continued to get “Agent admitted failure to sign using the key. Permission denied (public key)”, so I followed the troubleshooting steps. I already had PuTTYgen installed, so that step was simple, but of course it didn’t fix my issue. I went in search of answers and finally after a few different ones tried ‘ssh-add’ as found here http://baptiste-wicht.com/posts/2010/07/tip-how-to-solve-agent-admitted-failure-to-sign-using-the-key-error.html. Of course.. that worked!

So now .. I’m off to learn.