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About Codice è Bella

Lynn Martino, Web Developer and Designer

Lynn Martino, Developer

Codice è Bella started out as an idea to come up with a new name for my email after I got married. I couldn’t find anything with my name that didn’t include some random numbers. Then I started thinking about something in Italian (both my husband and I are Italian). I love writing code, and I aim to write clean code that is beautiful. I started to think in terms of “Code is Beautiful” and Codice è Bella was born.

A few months ago, my husband and I started an online sales store (through Amazon right now), mostly with homemade gifts and crafts. We decided to use the name Codice è Bella. Eventually, this site will host our online gifts as well as my digital creations. I tend to spend most of my time “playing” with code and learning what I can. I specialize in WordPress Development, MySql, PHP, HTML5 and CSS3. You can view my portfolio here.

When I’m not busy working on web sites I can usually be found throwing a ball for my dogs, which is a never ending game. I also enjoy photography and reading but I found I have way too many books, and never enough time! If you would like to contact us, please use the contact form here.

Joshua Martino, Dog Walker and Online Sales Manager

Joshua Martino, Online Sales Manager

First, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Joshua Martino and I have a passion for Analytical thinking. My current job allows me to use this to determine root causes and identify solutions that in the end save the company money. I have light coding experience mainly in HTML but do have a desire to learn more and eventually move into coding full time. I am confident with my wife’s guidance and patience that it will take little to no time at all to pick it up.

In my spare time I enjoy gaming and can find me playing Hearthstone and various games on Steam. Lately however I find myself having less time to devote to gaming with work and my wife coming first and as such no longer able to play great games as World of Warcraft as they were meant to be played.

I also enjoy bike riding (when weather permits!) and look forward to getting back to it with my wife. I also am tasked to walk the dogs, which secretly I enjoy.